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I was invited to participate in the Climate Change and Energy Innovation Annual Conference at United World College, the dates for the conference are February 4th-6th, 2016. Other Diné youth who walked across Dinétah – completing a year long, 1000-mile journey in which we visited and made offerings at four of our Sacred Mountains spanning the colonial territories now known as New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado – will also be participating.


Along with a cadre of experts who have dedicated their lives to climate justice and energy research and development, we will offer a series of workshops aimed at empowering young people with tools and tactics they can use to promote global good, discussions on climate change and it’s effects on indigenous communities, and solutions for resource colonization with an emphasis on energy innovation.


You can view the Facebook page for more information: Nihígaal bee Iiná


Click here for more information about the Climate Change and Energy Innovation Annual Conference!

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